Evaluate based on skills and personality, not emotional ties. Don’t be too quick to make a decision about taking a partner. You should discuss everything in great detail. Because, the wrong partner is worse than no partner at all. On the other hand, both partners must share the same business goals. After all, you’re each going to be putting in considerable amounts of money, time and effort. You need to know that you agree on where you’re trying to go – for both the short term and long term. A partnership can be the foundation of your business. If you assess strategically, choose wisely, and manage effectively, your partnership can be the cornerstone of your business, and of your success.

A good partnership requires:
• Mutual hard work
• Open communication
• Mutual respect
• A balance of power
• And many more

This is Sultan Mahmud Sujon. I live in Dhaka City at Savar with my family. My Father Name is MD. Amir Khosru. He passed M.com degree from Dhaka University. He is an Asst. Controller under Ministry of Agriculture (BADC) also he is a freedom fighter in the Bangladesh Liberation War. I proud of my father & our mother land. My younger brother study in Geography & Environment at Jahangirnagar University (JU). I am very much interested IT & Business Info.